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Model Mayhem

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Now that I've limited the types of shoots I do and have began focusing on what I enjoy, my days aren't as hectic as they used to be. I'm finally up to date with all my shoots--with the exception of one--and have a prom shoot coming up. I feel relaxed.

Earlier this month, I did a shoot with JG Management and his child models. JG Management LLC US Virgin Islands--founded by Jason Gardener in Spring 2011--offers training, development and placement for Models, Actors, Singers and Dancers Worldwide. They scout for males and females ages 6 years old and up with or without experience.

Our shoot was simple. His models are heading to New York and he needed head shots and body shots.

The youngest of the models that day I believe was 12 years old. I was actually amazed with them, especially the Child Model of the Year Venessia Burgos. I'm also always excited to see male models from the Virgin Islands given our archaic views on males doing anything artistic. So, I'll be keeping an eye out for the young Kalonji Stout. The other young ladies, Lea Cornelius and Nekalah Murray each had features that really stuck out to me. Lea's big afro gave me strong Black Girl Magic vibes and Nekalah's leg are easily suited for a runway.

Working with someone who has experience with trained models made me very nervous, especially considering that this was my first time doing a shoot like this. My fear of failure paired with my flaw as a perfectionist had me on edge the entire day.

I still haven't finished setting up my studio, which would have been perfect for the shoot, so we did it outside the JG Management studio in Frederiksted.

We did the shoot against a small yellow wall, which I changed to gray in photoshop. I only had one light--the Godox AD200--and it was my first time using the light as well since I was a natural light photographer for so long. I wish I learned to use flash sooner.

I also shot with a Nikon D610 using the 50 mm 1.8 and 85 mm 1.8 lens. The natural light outside paired with the flash worked well in my opinion. I was surprised. I would still like to try this again in an inside studio setting. And I'd also like to get my hands on the models for other shoots.

The Virgin Island doesn't have a strong presence in the fashion and modeling world despite being filled with talented men and women who then move on to do great things worldwide. Majority of them have worked or were trained with Gardener and I can't wait for us to be taken seriously on the scale that we deserve. Locally, there are very few avenues for those aspiring to work in that field from photographers, to models and designers.

There was a Food, Fashion Arts and Music Festival that was held recently and I'm livid that I didn't get to attend. However, I am looking forward to St. Croix Style Fashion Week. Sadly, I won't be on the island for the next Model of the Year competition, but I will be rooting for all the models in spirit.

Till next time!

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