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SOFAB-Eve's Ocean

This post is a tad late because I did this photo-shoot in June. A good friend of mine and bomb makeup artist, Merle Wynter , reached out to me do to a shoot with one her models, Jahnisha Alexis. I was itching to do more shoots of this caliber ever since I shot Isaiah in April.

Like all my shoots, this was another learning experience when it came to editing. I was figuring out some things here and there and I was pleased with the final results. I also began fiddling with my own style during this time in terms of colors.

We planned our shoot about a week or so in advance and then headed on down to one of my newly found locations for beach shoots. It's hard to find secluded beaches on the island that are easily accessible. This one is located on the east end of St. Croix. I'll let you figure out where.

What this beach lacked in palm trees, it made up for with a mountain of stones and vegetation, which is why I like it. I love bodies on rock formations.

Jahnisha was a natural and she didn't shy away from climbing. The plants are actually called elephant ears. I picked some palm tree leaves for this shoot, but Merle had more sense than I did and grabbed these from her yard. I, personally, never saw these things in my life and was very surprised by their size. For the record, Jahnisha is not nude under the leaves. We didn't go full nude, but decided to give the illusion of nudity.

Merle's makeup was flawless and despite the 96 degree in the shade weather not a thing moved out of place. The makeup was very light with more focus placed on the eyes. I'm not savy when it comes to makeup, but some of the things I remember her using was Rihanna's Fenty Body Lava, OMGLO, and some stuff from BH Comsetics--It's My Rae Rae.

Merle also acted as my on-scene assistant. Which is one of the things I've grown to like about her and will write about in another post for another shoot. She isn't afraid to step out of her make-up role. She does her artistry on site, and then takes part in the project.

For this shoot, I decided to try my off-camera flash--the Godox 200. I prefer natural light photography. If needed be, I will use a reflector. I know that for many photographers flash photography is the bomb, but it's not my style, though it's seemingly not respected in the photography world. So, Merle manned the flash for me while I worked. After a while, I ended up using the sand to hold the flash in place while Merle did other things.

One of those things was making sure I got the right amount of water droplets in the photo. I gave her the palm leaves I picked earlier and we spent solid 10 minutes or so of just her dipping the leaves into the ocean and misting the model. That was perhaps funniest and most stressful moment of the shoot, but we got it down. By the end of the shoot, all of us were damp.

Oh, and I almost fainted because I forgot to eat before heading out into the blazing sun. You think I would learn by now.

We wrapped up and climbed the mini hiking path back to our vehicles and we were done. It was a great day. Some of the photos didn't come out like I wanted, but I think we got some good shots. Check them out below and you should definitely check out Merle's makeup site! Tata for now~

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