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Studio-ish Flow

The title of this is a lie, but it's essentially what I'll be talking about. Majority of my time last year was dedicated to saving up le funds so that I can set up a studio for photography. Unfortunately, I had to make a trip somewhere so I never got to see that come to fruition. I was short two lights and some other things, but I was pretty close to getting it all set up. Studio dreams for me will have to remain on hold for a while longer.

That aside, in June of last year (06/18), which is when this was shot, I still managed to pull something out of nothing because that's who I am. If you want it done, by hook or crook I'll get it done--or refer you to someone more capable because sometimes, hey, I'm human. So when this lovely young lady approached me and said, "hey, I want to do this, but I don't want to be outside. I want it to be private." I said sure. We hooked everything up inside the salon--and by everything, I mean my ONE light--and we got down to business.

There really wasn't much that was needed to begin with. The salon was well lit and the walls were actually white; not that off-white shit, but really white. There was one overhead that got in the way occasionally, but otherwise, this was an in and out shoot. A few minor edits in Photoshop for shadows and some dramatic lighting and this was the end result. I'm happy that she liked it, and of course this was my favorite shot.

When working with my clients, I let them know that I will post my favorite three, but I'm not a dictator, so when she asked me to wait, I did just that. I was gone anyway so I didn't have the chance to post as well. But I said all that to say, that even when it seems like I'm not working, because I haven't posted anything, that's not the truth at all. Some things are just, well, private.

Moving along, let's talk about the lady of the hour. Shadae is an entrepreneur and beautician who works her magic inside the Locs Factory, also known as Passion Beauty Unlimited. Follow the page for locspiration and styles. Also, she did her own makeup and hair. See you guys in the next post!

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