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A Feral Affair

With Christmas break quickly creeping up on us, I have decided to get back to work on the story that I put on hiatus for who knows how long.

I could not tell you how long I had been writing it. If I had to guess I would say about seven years now and I kept stopping. However, my time is freeing up, and I can get back to work on it.

Some minor details have been changed, but the story line is continuing smoothly. You won’t notice any drastic changes (if you read the original) until about chapter 6. If you weren’t following along before then you have nothing to worry about.

Oh, I’ll also be posting some random things about the story here such as inspirations for each character, music I think would fit the chapters or characters, things like that.

If you haven’t, please check it out and leave some feedback. I love feedback! I feed off feedback. Cuz, you know, it’s fulling…to be…fed….no? Okay. No one ever gets the joke.


When I originally wrote the story I didn’t exactly have a plot in mind. I was just going with the flow and making things happen as I went along. As a result, it led to there being more questions than answers in the story. I think it is either in chapter 9 or 10 where things hit the fan and the lead up to there, which was in chapter 8 (If I’m not mistaken) involved something that didn’t make sense. Of course, because I don’t know who is new here, I can’t exactly say what that was. No Spoilers!

I’m still tweaking the plot so I can’t make any promises. In terms of romance I can’t tell you who the protagonist is going to end up with. I’d like to try to avoid cliches though come on, some things you can’t help. Which is also why I keep tweaking. Would you believe the main character is my LEAST favorite character? I want to fade her so badly. Oh and I don’t believe in there being ONE main character. So I’ll just say, “Leading woman,” instead.

By the way do you guys have a favorite character or any pairings you care for? Let me know! Oh yeah, I will also be adding a page with slight bios about each character along with who inspired the appearance for each character. I’ll also add some cool things about them but later because again no spoilers!

look at me acting like people actually read this thing. The story is really just for fun to keep myself from being idle. It’s doing a great job so far.

Chapter 17 is being done right now but it may be one of those long chapters. Hopefully it answers some of those questions from previous chapters. I’m also working on being more descriptive, not just in terms of scenery but thoughts and actions as well. It seemed I put more effort into dialogue and basic movements than anything else. It can make things boring.

So, to get that done I’ve been doing a lot of reading as well which is why it’s taking so long. I haven’t read in a very long time and it may be why my writing fell off. Hopefully this helps to get everything back on track. I’d like to at least hit chapter 20 before January fifth. It’ll take some work but I’m sure if I put in the effort it will be A-Okay!

With that said, you can read the first, still being edited, chapter of A Feral Affair Here!

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