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Belles x Spring Balls

Junior high school students sure do grow up fast. I don’t know these girls personally, but I did discover that a child I knew when she was a widdle girl was also attending a Spring Ball and I felt like a crypt keeper. Why my ass so ancient? What is going on? Who authorized this? I mean I know they have to grow up but golly.

I do not like Fort Christiansvaern as a location for photos because it needs a paint job, lawn care, our mentally ill are roaming about unsupervised because healthcare is a myth, and it’s overdone. Stick a fork in it, that location has been played to it’s death.

I can work the area if need be, but let the fort and all it’s history of slavery die. At some point I’ll talk about our strange obsession with relics of colonialism, but that’s not what this is about.

Anyways, this was yet another fun session. It took a little while to have the girls warm up to the camera and I get that. Even I flinch when a camera is pointed at me every now and again. It’s not the same as a selfie and we all know how sometimes a picture can look terrible when someone else takes it. I mean, let’s face it, they don’t know your good side like you do. Perfectly reasonable to be skeptical.

When they got into it though? Amazing. Sometimes you just need that nudge.

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