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Cheers to 2013

The last day of 2013 is tomorrow (For those of us in specific regions of the world anyways), and while most people are complaining about how terrible 2013 was, I have to say that 2013 was a wonderful year.

Actually, have you noticed that for some people every year was the worst year and the next year will be “their year” only to end up being called the worst year at the end? I don’t get that. But I digress.

Despite the many drawbacks of 2013, reliving them will do nothing but create a sour outlook on life. There was a picture on facebook that became the inspiration behind this post. It said to take a jar at the beginning of the year and every time something good happens write it down, put it in the jar and at the end of the year you should have a jar filled with nothing but good memories.

I can’t remember everything that happened this year but I have a good enough memory to share a lot of the wonderful things that happened to me this year.

This year was the first year that I made the Dean’s list at the University of the Virgin Islands. I didn’t even know that I made the dean’s list until I was looking for all the classes I took previously. When I stumbled across it, I was like “Oh! Well look at me being all scholastic and shit.”

I took archery this semester because archery is a badman class and you are missing out if you don’t see the joy in shooting a bow and arrow. At the end of the semester, a tournament was held and just like the last time I participated, I won. However, this year I was also the first in UVI history to score a perfect end. To some reading this, it may seem like a minuscule accomplishment, but for me it feels pretty big. Now, when Coach Wray speaks with his following classes he won’t say “No one has ever scored a perfect end.” From now on, he will be saying “Markida Scotland was the first (and currently only) person to scare a perfect end.” Many may come after me, but I will always be the first.

I met a rather crazy female this year. She has issues out of this world but she’s a good person and I’m still waiting for her to find someone that she can willingly and happily share her sprinkles with. Every year I did basically nothing for my birthday. It was usually family related or just me at home reading a book or ranting somewhere. This year, even though we only knew each other for a short time, she took me to dinner, some random party thing at lagoon, let me drink myself stupid, and almost drove me off a cliff and into the ocean. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun on my birthday. I couldn’t even get up the following morning, but it was well worth it.

I dropped some people in 2013 that I used to talk to on a regular. I realized that the relationship I had with them was unhealthy and in order for me to grow, they had to go. It was rather abrupt, and I didn’t even say anything. I just left. It had to be done that way because knowing me I might have convinced myself that I was being wrong and I couldn’t keep doing that. However, I can do it now, but I doubt they would want to speak with me. Frankly, I am ok with that.

I already posted about it, but I chopped my hair off. I love this cut. It’s so easy to deal with, however I need to find another style other than the bob to work with. Aside from that, I have also been playing with makeup. If you couldn’t tell, I’m trying to reinforce the thought that I do have a vagina and maybe I should take more pride in my appearance. It’s a work in progress because I keep stopping. Oh I lost 15 pounds, but I still have a lot of body fat. Slow progress is still better no progress.

After going to the spa for Christmas, I have decided that at least every two months I need to go again. A facial, massage, bikini wax, all of it. I love being pampered!

My daughter forever remains the best thing in my life. She drives me insane but that little girl is a godsend. I do wish that people would leave me alone about certain things involving her. Which is what this part is about. I am sick and tired of people trying to tell me what to do with my daughter. She is mine! Your advice is fine IF ASKED. Do not impart your wisdom otherwise. Also my daughter cries with people and I am fine with that. If you cannot deal with it then do not ask me to hold her and Do Not ask me when she will grow out of it because honestly I do not know. I am not forcing her and I am not worried about how she will behave whens he goes to school because she is ONE YEAR OLD. Let the girl live and let me live.

I was offered a job at the St.Croix Avis and I regret not taking it, but I honestly couldn’t. It still saddens me, but the opportunity alone I am forever grateful for. I am often self-conscious about my writing, but according to others I have a talent. As such, I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity, and to everyone else thank you for even reading my stuff. Oh! I have also realized that I love to work and I do not know how people can just sit at home all day. I need to work. Preferably in an office.

I had someone tell me that I was their inspiration for getting back into the habit of writing. I have never had anyone look up to me for anything. I still feel like a freshly bought pair of underwear right now. I may as well have won the noble peace prize with how wonderful I felt after hearing that. I’m still in awe. That was probably one of the best things that happened to me for the year.

I also met another wonderful person this year. These past few months have been great thanks to them. I’m usually opposed to new friends but I’m glad I met them. Okay, not “Them” it’s a him. Because I have a boyfriend, I made it a point to drop some male friends and to not make anymore. Usually, men don’t want friendship. They don’t want a relationship either. It’s just sex. And while I’m certain there may be some tension, because he’s human and I cannot fault him for that, he’s been a great friend to me. I’ve been dragged out the house, forced to try food I would otherwise never eat, I get to vent, we just talk nonstop and it feels good to have someone I can just talk to. I love conversations and if there is one thing I can never find, it’s someone I Can just talk to and never get bored with. Do you know how hard it is to hold conversations with people these days? It’s near impossible, but I never have that problem with him. We have next to nothing in common but we can talk a bout everything, disagree on topics, express what we like and don’t like about the other and I love that. I hate trying to pry things from people, and I hate when people cannot express themselves or don’t even try. So, yeah, I’m just happy. He made me really happy and made the ending of my year possibly better than the entire thing. I am open to judgement as well, because I know someone is reading this and reading more into it than they should, but I honestly don’t care.

If I go on, I’ll be here all day.

2013 was a great year. I wouldn’t change a thing that has happened. To those of you dreading the “new year new me posts”I’m going to have to ask you to shut all the way the hell up. Honestly, if people want to talk about their resolutions that they most likely are not going to follow then that is their choice. Why does it matter to you so much? However, do you realize how ANNOYING you guys are as well? There are more posts from you guys about hating those with resolutions and “New year new me” than the ones that you claim are an annoyance. Give it a rest. I realize that a lot of things posted on fb and twitter are done merely to get likes and retweets. It’s like you guys don’t have a single original thought of your own. You’re just trying to remain up to date with the latest things happening. It’s sickening.


I leave you guys with this, which is going to be my mantra for the new year:

Cheers to those that treat me well, and those that don’t can go to hell.

Peace and Happy New Years to you all!

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