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Cracked Phones and Bad Habits

So I just wanted to share one of my bad habits with everyone. To make things shorts, I don’t fix things, I replace.

I’m typing this piece while staring at my cracked iPhone which I am about to replace as soon as my order arrives sometime next week…or next month…whenever the U.S Postal Service gets back to normal following this hurricane nonsense.

In case you missed it, the Virgin Islands just went through two hurricanes last month. Two Category five, fuck shit up and move along hurricanes. Irma and Maria. I can’t befriend anyone with those names now because I’m convinced that anyone with those names are miserable, wicked and bad minded. Yall on time-out until January 2018.

But I digress.

This phone would make the second one that I’ve had to deal with since maybe February of this year. I’m convinced that iPhone screens have a gravitational pull towards the floor. Not just any part of the floor either, the one part of the floor that has a ridge or lift that will guarantee your screen will crack. It’s all part of Apple’s diabolical plan to dig into your pockets and drain your finances dry…like their updates. I shit you not after they dropped the iPhone x my charger stopped working. I got that “this device is incompatible” message 1 minute after the release. Scammer ass company. I still love you though.

So yes, my screen cracked AGAIN around August. I could have let someone fix it. Honestly, I could have, but I don’t believe in fixing things. I left that phone alone and used it in all its cracked glory up until today when the bottom of my keyboard–or rather the bottom of the screen–stopped functioning. That was a clear sign that maybe it was time to handle it. And you know how I chose to handle it? I went to eBay and ordered me a brand new phone.

The angel on my shoulder was going “No girl, just find someone to fix the screen. You don’t need a whole new phone.” The devil on my shoulder went “Girl it’s your birthday tomorrow. Treat Yo Self. You survived two hurricanes. You deserve nice things.” My angel said “You can get more nice things if you save. Just save the money.” The devil went “Girl, Hurricane Punjabi could come tomorrow. You can’t save if you’re dead.”

I hit “buy it now.”

But I realized then, that’s how I solve all my problems. I don’t fix things. I just replace them. Men, electronics, friendships, you name it. I don’t ever try to work it out. My rational seems to be, you don’t have to worry about fixing it if you just get rid of it and find something else. Has that been working for me? Sometimes. Mostly No. Obviously not. Because I’m usually the problem. I wouldn’t have to continuously replace a phone if I would just put the damn thing in a case. But I don’t because I hate big bulky cases. I tell myself it’s going to be destroyed anyway so why bother? In relationships, I find that I have a hard time compromising. I’m set in my ways. And if you don’t match my ways, then I’ll just find someone else who will. It’s awful, and I really do need to work on it.

Or…or I could just find someone who accepts all my terrible flaws.

I kid. I kid.

I really do need to work on these things.

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