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Feral Affair Chapter 1

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

All she could do was stare, completely speechless, mesmerized and confused as to how she did not notice a half-naked man upon entering.

His lips turned up into one of those devious half-smiles of his. “See something you like?”

“Don’t you believe in locked doors?” She asked when she found her voice.

“I thought I did, guess not.” He was so nonchalant, as though being found half-naked didn’t matter to him.

Honestly, it didn’t matter to her either. She wished the towel would disappear. “You’re so careless. Suppose another guy had walked in. Bet you’d be worried then.”

“But it wasn’t.” His eyes darkened as he came closer. If he thought she was going to be intimidated he had another thing coming. She folded my arms across her chest and held her place.

“You have no sense, that’s my point,” she rebutted.

“And what you’re doing is sensible?”

What was she doing? She should have left by now. Instead, she was scolding him!

Who was she kidding? Marissa knew exactly what she was doing. She was eating up the sight of him and remembering their previous encounter; except, this wasn’t the same.

“Maybe, not.”

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