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Getting arrested with Judgey

Gather around, I have a tale to tell about that time VIPD ran up on me like Cardi B did Nicki.

So, being a journalist some very strange things happen to you often. There are days when it’s all excitement, days where it’s utterly slow and boring, days when you want to rip your head off because it’s too much, there are sad days and of course, there are days when things just go off the wall.

Let me tell you about one of those off the wall days.

Last year, I was covering an assignment about a shooting in Estate La Reine. For new readers, this is on St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands. For my locals, you where that is.

Moving along so I’m doing my journalist duties and VIPD (VI Police Department) are all over the place, doing their own jobs. I’m snapping away with my creep lens–the 70 to 200mm lens–trying to stay out of their way while getting the shots I need. Naturally, they hate that. They want me off the scene but bruh, I gotta get paid too. I’m not even supposed to be here. This wasn’t my assignment, I was being nosey and decided to come out. After I’ve pushed the limits enough, I hop into my hoopty and I escape. Vroom.

I’m driving away and as I drive by one of the gas stations I peep in my mirror and see the big, blue SUV that is VIPD. I ignore it because, well, why would I care.

Moments later I hear WOOP WOOP!

Man, I am sweating at this point, because the car behind of me that’s separating me from VIPD has not moved an inch.

Oh sweet mother of god

I keep driving because there is no way this could be for me. Why would it be for me? I’m thinking about everything that could be wrong. Are my brake lights not working? Did I forget to register? Shit, my insurance was not in the car. I mean, it was insured but the document wasn’t in there. I really ain’t trying to deal with paying no damn fines. I’m not trying to go to court. I just wanna go home and sleep.

Yo, I’m crying because I hear it again.


Then they get on the microphone and dude sounds livid.


The car behind me STILL ain pull over either so I’m like no way, is this really for me?


They are screaming. I am screaming. We all screaming.

I pull over and the damn car behind me pulls over too. I stop dead ass in the middle of the road so wasn’t nobody really getting in and out of this section where I stopped.

Police don’t care though.


Wow, listen, I know this isn’t the states, but look, America ain’t been the same lately when it comes to cops. We might be American in the foreign sense, but shit we’re still American. I didn’t move a damn where. Hell, I was too scared to move.

And you know why? Because These big ass men hop out the damn police vehicle with some big ass guns.

Yall, I was like. “Well, I guess this is how I go.” It’s about to be a case of mistaken identity and I’m bout to get shot.

I had just taken off my seatbelt, when they scream, “GET OUT THE CAR!” but they weren’t at my car. They were huddled up against the other car.

Ain’t even got any witnesses around except this other car and I don’t even know who the hell is in there. Hell, they might have guns too. Is this about to be a shootout?

I drove the fuck off. I ain never put a car in gear so fast and I got the hell out of the dodge.

But before All that, I pulled my camera out and snapped a photo. I ain’t even looked to see how it came out but I got it and I was gone.

Dip and click

Picture made front page. I ain never went to another crime scene.

Moral of the story is if it’s happening at 9 a.m. ain’t nothing good coming out of it.

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