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Guess Who's Printing?

2019 really has been a year of growth! We're now offering prints! That's right, if you visit  You can now buy prints to hang in your home, your office, your store and more! I tried it out myself and orders take about 2 weeks or so to arrive. 

I ordered a 5x7  black canvas wrap and the quality was really amazing.  Yes, all of them will be "signed" with my logo.  Excuse the trash photo here. Took it with my phone at the last minute. I no longer have this photo, I gave it away as a gift to one of my patrons. (To become one, subscribe to my patreon at

What I like about Darkroom Tech is that they give you a preview of how the photos will look when it's printed on your desired item whether it's a frame, printing paper, or a canvas. Pay attention to that. You don't want to order the wrong looking thing.

Again, it took about 2-3 weeks to arrive mostly because 1)We're in the Virgin Islands, and 2) I didn't check my email when they were trying to reach me to tell me something was wrong with how I ordered. Fun fact, if you choose image wrapping it will make the photo a lot tighter and doesn't look as good to me for some photos. So I prefer the black or white wrap.

To ship to the Virgin Islands starts at $4.99. The more photos you order the larger the shipping price (it's by pounds it seems).  

I'm offering a 40% off Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale right now until Dec 2! My patrons also have their own exclusive lifetime discount code for purchases. I'll also be doing a holiday code for the entire month of December!

I'll be updating the gallery as I go along, but if you have any photos that you want me to add from our facebook gallery (or special selections of yourself from a past photoshoot) hit me up!

Hope you guys enjoy!


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