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I’m art baby!

The quote has absolutely nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to be pseudo-deep for a minute.

Moving along, I always wanted to be drawn. Granted, I wanted to lay down on a soft, luxurious couch in a golden room decorated with the finest, classical art of sub-Saharan Africa, while a chocolate, muscular man with abs strong enough for me to wash my laundry on, sits behind an easel, draped in silk and etches me in exaggerated fashion onto a canvas.

But you don’t always get what you want.

So, instead, a friend of mine had someone draw a cartoon version of him, and I loved it so much that I had to try it for myself. Let me say, it was well worth it. I got three photos done, and while I’m not as shapely as the full body portrait, I love them all. In fact, now I want big hair again.

The artist goes by the name Alphonso Elm. What do we know about him? Well, according to his website he’s an animator, illustrator, graphic designer, artist, poet, author and he’s fitness obsessed. The fitness is fitting as I stumbled across him from the page of my personal trainer whom you can find here at Pure Beasts Fitness. So, I reached out and sent him a full body photo, and in under 3 days, I got my drawing back.

I had him change her expression because of my name, and I wanted her to look a bit condescending. Also, I asked for a hair color change. Now, you’re probably wondering “why didn’t you have the clothing colors match?” Because it’s my art!

Also, it reminds me of another photo that I have, but am too lazy to attach. Regardless, mama’s waist is snatched, so if I say it’s me, it’s me. Moving along.

Next, I did just torsos and these are my favorites! I miss big hair now, and I probably need to buy a wig like this again, but I highly doubt I will have the time to even wear the shit.

The details in the faces are crazy though! The accuracy is what has me stunned.

I’m probably going to go on an art spree and find a ton of artists to draw me while I’m at it and just start a collection because of this. Are there any local artists who paint or sketch? Show me the way to spend my coins, please! Or, maybe you just like my face and want to make that happen because you’re a kind-hearted soul with great taste.

Either works.

In order of favorites, it would be the white shirt, then green jacket, and then the full body, mostly because I am biased and I’ve loved the white shirt photo since I took it damn near five years ago. Will I have another? Most likely, because I am absolutely vain. Hopefully, I get an amazing photo of myself following this coming Crucian Christmas Festival Parade, and I can memorialize my amazing body that worked hard on for the last month.

Check out his website if you want to get yourself done!

Till another time! *Besos*

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