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It’s Kori! New pet alert


I have loved cats forever. I was convinced that in a past life I was a tiger (my favorite animal). I got it tattooed on me and everything–which I need to finish but your girl has to spend her coins responsibly for the moment. Entiwho, I kept saying that one of the things I HAD to do, was get me a furbaby. If housing in the Virgin Islands weren’t so anti-pet, I would have gotten me a puppy too. But, since cats are allowed I jumped at the chance to get me one.

Let me tell you how this happened though.

I told myself I would just go to the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center on Wednesday (April 26) and browse first. I really didn’t need to get a kitten ASAP, so I was just going to take a look at my options.

Man, I walked into that bad boy and I was assaulted with cuteness. I wanted them all. GIVE ME ALL DEM BABIES. They were so precious. Hell, I wanted the older Siamese too, but decided that raising one was better. It was also to get my daughter accostumed to animals so it just made sense to get a baby.

But cats are so bougie. Listen, most of them wouldn’t give me the time of day.

I think a few of them even side-eyed me. But this one? He was like “I don’t care who you get me out of there!” He came up to the cage and demanded his freedom. So, I filled out the paperwork and told them I would be back the next day to secure my fluffy feline friend.

Thing is, I was suppose to just BROWSE. I don’t know how I was suckered into adopting one time.

But yall, the kitten is white and his name was cotton.


It might not be that deep, but I was not trying to be the black girl with a white cat named cotton. So I named him Kori, which is Japanese for Ice and currently one of my strange addictions. Ice is life.

So Kori came home with me and has been adjusting to his new life. He hates his carrier and his claws are deadly. I have war wounds already. I tried to give him a bath after he pooped all over himself in the carrier and…well…we learned a few things about each other that day.

He was eating iAms dry cat food for his first few days. Oh, he’s 7 weeks old by the way. Anways, all was well. He ate slowly though. Sunday, I decided to give him wet food and he lost his gotdamn mind. Now he don’t want dry food. Like who gave you options?

I bought him this supersoft and expensive cat bed (anything over $10 is expensive to me yall) and he didn’t want any parts of it until Sunday too. Now we have an understanding.  My bed is not his bed. We can hang, but boo you gots your own space for a reason.

I’m still trying to get him to relax a little and not maim me. He thinks my hands are toys and are always attacking my toes. I got him real toys, but my body seems to be his thing.

As for his breed, the card said he was a white, short-haired Siamese, but I keep watching his tail which looks like it’s gonna be striped orange. I already have it in my head that he’s going to be a red-point Siamese. Also, my friends scared me about white cats being deaf and so I lowkey hope that he does get some color to save him. My daughter is already hard-of-hearing, I can’t have my furbaby being the same.

He loves my phone and keyboard, but that means I can’t get any work done while he’s awake and interested in me.

I think that’s the gist of it. Adopting a pet is actually a pretty grand idea. $60 and they come spayed or neutered, dewormed, updated on their shots and microchipped. I say it’s a pretty great deal. Adopt don’t shop! All that jazz. Lots of furbabies are there waiting for a home yall. Tell your cousin pookie to stop trying to sell you fake pit-bulls for $600 and go adopt one for less.

P.S: I may or may not have remade Mufasa’s death with Kori. He wasn’t thrilled, but I needed to get that out of my system. Toodles!

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