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Local Lady Edits: Body Art

 I'm back with another speed through editing video. This was a recent shoot we did out at The Pier in Frederiksted! 

 I was talking with some of friends the other day about presets and I told them that I don't use presets. I figured I needed to clarify. When in camera raw, I don't use presets or try not to, because I'm most likely going to change everything anyway. I am super particular about each image, so I avoid using presets. However, once I' in photoshop, there are certain things that a preset or action is usual for. For instance, at the very start, I have a retouching action that I use off rip. From there, I have other actions for things I want to tweak.

So, I do use them and adjust for how I want, like she suggested. I just don't do it at the very start.  As usual, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! 

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