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Last year I took my husband out with me to get some practice as my second shooter for my brand. He volunteered to do it actually because he thought it would make sense for him to be useful with a camera (especially for gigs that I just don't want to shoot personally).  He did a fantastic job and I'm super proud of how his photos came out. I not have to teach him how to retouch but that's a different monster for another day.

While we were getting ready, I found a photo of Lauryn Hill and thought to myself, woah, this would be dope to redo since the model gave me some "Hill" vibes. I paused the shoot on Miguel's end to get a quick photo or two to play around with.  

Remember how I said I like to take locations in Christiansted that no one really thinks about and make them into something cool? That was pretty much how I did this shot. I don't have a studio, so I look for walls scattered here and there and work some magic. We took the below photo on a pink staircase near Sonya Ltd. It came out a lot better than I expected.

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I also did an editing video so you can see the before and after of this image. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to see more editing videos like this one.


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