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Making a Baby

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

First of all, I'm not pregnant. Let's just start there.

This post is about a maternity shoot I did recently and I felt compelled to share the details of that day and how the final photos came out. The mother-to-be was extremely understanding and so calm throughout the whole ordeal. She was a gem the entire day, and she made the shoot very easy. I don't think anyone else under these circumstances would have been so relaxed. Even down to the technical issues, she offered suggestions (which I took) and was amazing to work with period.

If you have time, you should definitely like and follow her page -- > A. Hiroko

It was about three weeks ago or so, and I was pretty much ready to conquer the day. I normally don't shoot at evenings because I prefer daylight but since I was becoming acquainted with my off camera flash, I assumed that everything would turn out okay.

But no, everything was not okay.

The first sign that everything was going wrong, was that it rained that morning. Naturally, I began to worry as our original location was to be "in the bush" as the mommy model called it. I didn't want her to get wet and also wet bush meant extra biting gnats. It sounded like it was going to be uncomfortable for us.

Then, her makeup artist was running late. I was biting my nails at this point because not only was it raining on and off, but the sun was setting. Time was running out. Even with a flash, my anxiety was through the roof. I don't like shooting at evenings it's why my cutoff is at 4 p.m. for the outdoors.

I assumed luck was on my side because even though there was another hiccup, Mommy Model made it safely to the shoot and we could begin. At this point, it was 5 p.m. The West side of the island is unforgiving with the sun setting. We were shooting at the beach and the horizon wasn't looking the best for the shots. Still, I pulled out the flash and we were good to go.

For a moment.

My flash toppled over from its place in the sand even with the weights. And her friend who came with her couldn't stop the fall in time and it landed right in the water. It was only a second, but it may as well have been an hour. It stopped working. The sun was more or less leaving. I had limited lighting. I was panicking on the inside even though I kept telling them it was okay.

It was not okay and I was not okay.

The sun then officially set and I tried to make do with the built in flash. The bugs were biting. There wasn't much else to do. We wrapped up the shoot and head on home.

While I was transferring the photos from my camera to my external hard drive, the hard drive somehow became corrupted. Certain photos wouldn't open. I spent the week trying to save what could be saved and then to make matters worse, my laptop started misbehaving. It wouldn't open Photoshop. It said I didn't have enough memory and even using another external drive, it wouldn't accept it. The computer then shut off.

I had a miniature laptop I bought while I was away for basic training. While not the best, I used it to edit the photos that were saved. For this week, I was absolutely miserable. For a moment, I considered this to be my last shoot for a while because I was irritated. My husband tried to calm me down, and after a while, I did. While it wasn't an ideal situation, I still had a laptop that I could edit on. I would use the memory from the drive and call it a day. People were telling me to just "build a new laptop" or to "buy one," and that just irritated me more as these were people who were in privileged positions financially to do so. I was not.

I put that irritation towards editing, and finished the photos. To be honest, I don't think it was my best work, but considering the circumstances it may have been. I had to remember that the equipment wasn't what made me a photographer to begin with. Despite all that happened, I'm proud of the turnout and I love my babies.


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