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My Hair History

Now this is a story all about when, I chopped my hair off-got a bald head. I’d like to take a minute just sit right there and I’ll tell you how I became a girl without any hair.

Dah Dah-dah dah dahhhh dahhh Dahhhh.

Anyways. So this was where my hair journey began. May 10, 2013 this was the length of my hair. That beautiful baby girl is mine. She’s four going on 53 now.

I then chopped my hair shorter earlier 2014 because I wanted to try something different. Short hair seemed like the thing to do.

I decided then that I was done with permed hair. Relaxer. Whatever word yall want to use to be technical. Potato, potahtoe I was done with whatever it was called. Before that however, I had pretty much just grown bored with my hair in general.

This was a novel time for me because I was going through relationship changes, school, work, a whole lot of shit so it was just goodbye hair. They say when a girl cuts her hair something big is about to happen in her life. I dont recall what that moment was, but lord it was great not having to worry about my scalp every morning. Somewhere prior to this I tried weave and didn’t exactly care for it. Oh, this was the weave days that never came again. Too much maintenance and I’m too lazy for it.

I’ve never worn weave again. Moving along. I learned that there was more to natural hair than just letting it grow. Like all things, it had to be maintained and frankly I grew tired of watching 57 youtube videos of girls who did not have the same hair type as I did. Oh, this was also when I learned what the hell 4C and all that jazz meant. Prior to that, I thought hair was hair. I had no idea hair also had it’s own periodic table of textures. All the famous girls had those cute soft curly hair. I ain had that shit while my hair was doing whatever the hell it wanted. Then there’s some LOC method. Then I still gotta tie my head down. Satin Pillows. Satin Bonnets. T-shirt Towels. Shea Butter. Water. Biotin. Look.

I ran away to wigs for a moment. I discovered then that not all wigs and not all wig wearers were the same. Lord the beginning stages were hell. I tried straight, curly and kinky curly hair at the start. All synthetic and cheap. I learned then that quality and brand made a difference. I ordered all my hair at the time from Elevate Styles because they were cheap and so was the shipping.

I wasn’t about to pay $3oo for no damn wig, but I upped it a bit and tried wigs with a bit more of a price tag. I even tried an ombre. I certainly learned the difference both in how long they lasted and texture. Oh I also lost more weight. My skin cleared up. I changed my wardrobe a little.

PS. Wig came in handy when I dressed up for Halloween the first time. I went as Jade. I should have taken a better photo

By 2016 I learned how to turn a bad wig situation into a good wig. Scissors are a beautiful thing. I bought a terrible red wig and wore it to my award ceremony in 2015 when I won the Excellence in Communications award. Next year I chopped it and turned that baby into something cute and worthwhile. PS. Slim thing I was!

Oh I did try twists, crochet hair and faux locs (I lack a photo of this) and I don’t like any of these styles.

My natural hair grew under all this madness and I decided I wanted to let my hair do its thing for a while. So, I chopped off the sides and let it be great on its own.

But yall know me already, I got bored with it and chopped it clean off again and started from scratch. At this point I had already gone through three different hair colors from black, to brown to burgundy and then copper. My hair also grew faster this time around and my curl pattern was going through some things. I couldn’t tell you what because at this point I didn’t have a hair routine. I didn’t have a strict regimen. I just slapped conditioner and water in there and let it do what it wanted. It was mostly under wigs anyways.


Now, I decided I wanted wigs that were a mixture of human and synthetic hair. Frankly, I enjoyed synthetic hair because the style stayed, but the mixed hair was much softer and realistic looking. Not to mention, this is when I fell in love with short wigs. In this tropical weather where it’s 96 on a cool day, long hair down your back isn’t a very good idea. At’all. Nuh. Don’t do it. It’s cute, but sweating your face off isn’t.

I have a few colored wigs that I don’t wear out. These are mostly for when I want to play with my face, throw on something cute, and go be vain in the comfort of my random, secret, hideaways. My favorite of those is my blue wig.

Thanks to Mane Priority, AKA Risheema Burke–check her out on Instagram–I fell in love with braids, even though I usually run away from any style that makes my five-head more prominent than it already is. The hair was actually a black and burgundy mix, but  you really couldn’t see it at all. I want to try a copper color next time. Also, my face in the far right was beat by Merle Wynter MUA. Check her out. Book your beat. Get your face slayed. She’s great people and now I feel spoiled.

Now that things were going pretty well and I was pretty confident with what styles I enjoyed and which ones suited me, I snatched my completely human hair wigs out the closet.

As I work on branding myself, and other surprises I felt that I might as well invest in hair that I won’t have to constantly replaced. Downside? The whooooooole reason why I chopped my hair off to begin with–maintenance. Funny how that works huh?

And now, here I am, March 12, 2017. Skully is thanks to Pollo! I love these hat shit things (That’s a post for later). Check out his store at Apollo Legion.

Till next time

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