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Penny for your rage

Gather around, I have a story to tell.

This was Aug. 4 2014 at the University of the Virgin Islands St. Croix Campus.

At no point in my life, was I ever as completely stressed the hell out, than when I attended UVI. The students, the administration, and the staff, had an inconceivable ability to work your nerves more than anything ever would/could/will. And, believe me, there was no limit to what and how they would do so.

Take this day for instance.

I decided one night that I would check on the status of some school related items: My transcript, my work study pay stubs–things like that. As I did this, things went pretty smoothly. My pay was correct, all the stubs were there, my enrollment verification was trying to say that I was graduating a whole year later than I really was, but I know that’s a load of tomfoolery so I ignored that.

My classes were in check and of course there was a balance on my schedule because they counted the summer classes that I was registered for. A little voice in my head said “Hey, look at your transcript even though you just checked last week..”

“Sure” I said to voice, “No reason not to.”

I put in all the information that it asked for, clicked submit and bam!


The damn thing said “Your transcript is not available due to holds on your record.”

Banweb.uvi says what?

I do it again, maybe I am wrong. Same Message.

I clicked on “View holds,” there had to be some kind of a mistake.

This system said: The account is on hold for $0.01…





Mind you, it is not the fact that I owed them a penny that ruffled my fabulous feathers. It was the concept. It is always the concept. Earlier, at the start of the semester, the school had a beautiful refund check in wait for me. You get one of those when your balance is less than the money being given to the school. Spare change if you will. If my account was $5 and I gave them $10, I get a refund of $5. Simple really.

So where, in all of hell, did this penny appear from? Did they miscalculate and as such a penny was owed to them? That sounds like a fault on the person responsible for this, not me. But honestly ONE MEASLY PENNY is all it takes for you to halt an entire account?

Had they owed me a penny, I wouldn’t have gained an ounce of a heads up. Hell, they probably would have figured a penny is nothing. But oh no. The penny is theirs and thus we must shut this whole shebang down until we get our cent. They could have gone outside and picked a penny off the ground. But nah.

I delivered a damn dime and expected my $0.09 in full.

Turns out, it was just a glitch in the system.

Shout Out to Oprah for classic Meme goodness.

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