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SOFAB--Beauty and the Beach

Shots from the Beach (SOFAB) series. Ep. 1

"Beauty and the Beach"

Location: Dorsch Beach, US Virgin Islands

Date: Sunday, May 27, 2018

Model: "Clara Faith"

I had the pleasure of working with "Clara Faith" this weekend. Every shoot is a learning experience for me as much as it is for the models--especially those who aren't used to being in front of the lens. I don't particularly like posing my models. What I have them do is literally "work" the scene. Go in the water, sit in the sand, play in it--essentially, forget that I am there and enjoy yourself. It's harder for some, but I prefer the shots that I get when you are just doing you. "Clara Faith" chose to keep it simple. She was also very nervous, but that meant she smiled a lot. My weakness it still seems is blending and getting that nice brown skin tone. I keep getting orange.

Part of the joy of shooting "Clara Faith" was how comfortable she was with her body. Lately, people want the flawless, oiled up, toned body before even doing a photo-shoot and I was so glad to shoot her while she continues on her fitness journey. She's a masterpiece that only gets better as she moves forward. I look forward to seeing her end product and I hope I get to shoot it as well.

"Nahhhh... I don't think I'm the shit's but I am PROUD of where I am! I came a LONG way...TRUST ME WEN I SAY IT HAS JUST BEGUN. I will get my abs.. and this bottom bellyyy.... ayee. Local Lady Media thank you so much for the opportunity." --"Clara Faith"

Wishing you the best "Clara Faith"!

It's my hope that more women step in front of the lens as they are. Stretch marks are normal, sagging breasts are normal, bellies are normal. You make your body, your body does not make you.

Happy Shooting!

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