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Three subjects I try to avoid in Photography

I want to make this blog short but still get my point across.

I've been creating a look for my brand for some time now. I've specialized what type of shoots I enjoy and want my portfolio to be full of. I have a section that's also dedicated to artistic nude shoots, but the thing is, I don't like the reaction given to nude shoots and I posted about this recently on Facebook.

When I said that, however, people seemed to take the post the wrong way and think that I was saying I don't like nude shoots. Which is incorrect. I love nudity. I think the human body is fascinating and frankly does not need to be policed in art--especially women's bodies.

However, what I don't like is the reaction. It's a little bothersome for me to see my naked shots receive the most love. Which brings me to the title of this piece: Three subjects I try to avoid in photography.

Those three subjects are

1) Nudity

2) Popular faces

3)Overly cultural shoots

Now, you might think that's weird, especially the third one, but hear me out. The reason for me not liking shooting these things is very simple, I can't gauge if you actually like my work, or if you just like the subject. It's very easy to use any of those three things to gain a following or "clout" as people say now. But that doesn't help me grow as an artist. Do you actually like my photo? What about it? The composition? The editing? or is it just the subject? There's only so much I can do with "That's dope." Why is it dope? Because Sarah who is basically a local star is the person in the photo? Because you're fascinated with nudity and that sells? Because "culture & tradition?"

And I have seen this, whether singularly or with all three subjects. In fact, I even subtly tested it and I did not appreciate it. I need honest feedback and I prefer that with the shots that I don't normally see from my counterparts. But if a naked woman on the beach is going to be the best seller, it's disappointing for me as an artist. And the keyword here is "Me." I personally do not care what others are shooting.

These reasons are why when I go searching for models and someone says "Hey, shoot my very pretty and known friend," I often decline. Those likes won't necessarily be for me, or even the photo, but just because Pretty Popular Patsy is in it. And, that exposure doesn't do anything for me.

I just wanted to get that out my system.

Thanks for reading!


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