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To Healthy Living!

I’m taking a cycling class!!!

The ending of this year, I committed myself to becoming a much healthier person. I needed to change my eating habits ASAP and become more active. Becoming more active also meant giving up some sleep which is probably the hardest part because I love me some sleep. So. it’s not that I’m losing sleep—because that’s counter-productive—but rather I’m working on staying up more. My sleeping schedule is stupid as hell. I’m the kind of person who would wake up at noon and then go to bed at 4 a.m. I’m not a morning person at all. In fact, I’m inclined to believe people who wake up at 5 a.m. are hellions. Baby Jesus ain’t even up yet, why the hell are you? But I guess I have started joining you underworld folks in order to continue on this “best me” shit.

But back on target! I stumbled across this cycling studio while in Downtown Christiansted conducting an interview—even though it was my off day, but what’s an off day for news?—and I HAD to try it out. It always looked fun online so I needed to try it out for myself. Hell, I have 4 to 10 pounds I need to lose right now anyway so I can kill two birds with one stone! I’ll let you know how that goes afterward.

Example of what I’m gonna be doing!

As for this healthy living thing, I’ve been running miles as frequently as possible. I manage to get three runs in this week. I’m so proud of myself because usually, I would only run half a mile every 7 months. I’m a lazy POS, don’t be so surprised. My work keeps me active enough, but combine lack of extensive exercise with poor sleeping habits and poor diet then, well, yeah, it’s no wonder I was damn near 200 pounds. I was 199.8, now I’m fluctuating between 196 and 195. My goal before the end of December is 185. I think it’s doable.

Problem is, I don’t know how to eat and I always feel hungry. Bright side, I can guzzle a gallon of water in a day now. Before I was drinking maybe 4 bottles a day. I think that’s progress. Oh, and I cut down on my ice eating as well. I LOVE ice. But eating ice made me think I wasn’t hungry and so I wasn’t eating like I should.

I am an otter. Ice is life.

I can now “walk/job” two miles without feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest. The first time I tried this after god knows how long I was prepared to lay down on the asphalt and wait for VI Waste Management to come and pick me up like the lazy, unfit, greasy trash that I am/was. Thankfully, I am no longer that person. I’m at least recyclable now. Woo Woo!

So far so good if you ask me. Look out for me when I’m rocking Ashanti/Teyana Taylor fierceness.

Photo update will be in January. After January 6th to be exact because that’s Crucian Christmas Festival Parade day and I am prepared to kill that costume. No, I’m not losing weight for the costume, but dammit if I’m going to be looking fine I might as well walk the streets looking damn good.

See you later!

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