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Wah You Sayin Journal Day 1

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

My good up friend Jeaiza also known from her blog as Gyul Meets World, has forced my hand to start writing. I have several posts I need to complete but honestly I've been busy finishing some other things so I've slipped up in that regard. I'll get it together.

Jay has started a month long writing challenge and I decided to take part, not only to support her but also for myself. As part of therapy, I was told to keep track of my "wins" and Jay's challenge actually fits the model that I need to work on. To read more about the challenge go to her blog! Although the challenge starts today, there's no reason you can't play catch up! Just means more writing for you.

(see challenge here)

So let's get started!

"What's going well for you right now?

Alot honestly. For a long time I was caught up in a pity party and it was difficult to see all the things that were really well. For starters, my minion is a growing up to be a smart and well-rounded individual all thanks to love, care and guidance from the most important woman in my life--my grandmother. I don't know where I'd be without her and I'm forever grateful for all she's done for me. My biggest supporter and confidant. All those "tumps" and claps upside my head when I was up to no good really came in handy. Now that torch is being passed on to the minion. I'd post a photo for yall, but grams ain't about that internet life--I don't want to get another tump.

I got married! If I never told yall, I'm a wife now. If you ever paid attention to anything I've ever written, I've always wanted a stable and loving relationship. One that didn't require suffering or years of "holding it down" to prove that I was worthy of being loved properly. I didn't want to be a 10-year girlfriend period. Nothing wrong for those who do, do you, but it wasn't for me. And I met a man who knew almost immediately that he wanted me. Our "real" life together starts this month. It's been a rough start, but so far so good. I'll let yall know if I have to end up on the ID channel by the end of the month.

My photography has really picked up. I was in a slump at one point because I thought no one was really taking me seriously. I wasn't seeing the numbers I wanted or the support. It took a lot of being cursed out and then realizing that I don't need to beg for attention. Oddly enough, when I stopped trying to be recognized is when things started falling together. I've redone the entire website--this was also thanks to Jay's influence. I realized that I was being lazy here. I also set my work hours, and even created a session guide to help clients figure out how this all works. I started not being afraid of making my goals known. I wrote on Twitter that I wanted to photograph Amiyah Scott--A famous transgender actress, model and dancer--and she followed me. I was like WHAT. A hotel on St. Croix gave me the thumbs up to use their venue as one of my locations. It's been a great year so far. i'm considering traveling. I lost one of my flashes to the ocean--damn you mother nature--but I pride myself on being a natural light photographer so It's not a huge loss for me.

I got a new job! I went from journalism to public affairs, and got a raise from switching jobs--although the Government Employee Retirement System is a SCAM. I was asked if I would ever go back to journalism and the answer is of course, if it pays me the same or more than what I'm making now and I get my weekends.

I've started writing again! I'm working on three fiction web-novels. You can read them on my patreon account--another thing that I started--or on wattpad! My goal is to have all three down by September 2020. If you could, please check them out! And also, if you want to, please support my patreon! It's as little as $1 a month.

I'm almost at 4k likes on Facebook and I'm at 5k on Instagram. The little things.

I got a new car even though the thing stresses me out to high hell. I miss my little baby, but you know what, that's life. I'm planning on moving but I'll see how that goes when my husband gets here.

What about it makes it feel 'right?'"

EVERYTHING. I don't have feelings of regret. I don't wake up as much feeling like I'm forcing myself to do things. That burden-like feeling I used to have isn't there anymore. It's like the air is so much lighter in this place that I am in now.

What makes it feel right is that I feel like I can breathe again.


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