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Where’s my food: Tale from Pregnancy

I have a tale to tell. Please do take a seat.

This takes place Aug. 07, 2012 in Austell, Georgia.

I had this strange craving for chocolate ice cream and tried to get my sister to take me anywhere to get it. Needless to say, she forgot about my pain. However, being the cunning little fox that I am, when she was leaving to take my brothers to some party I decided to tag along for “The Drive.” My nefarious plan, of course, was to get her to stop so I could get my ice cream. My other brother wanted something as well, but he’s not important right now.

So, we’re on the road, got rid of the extra testosterone in the car, and Yay! We’re going to get my Ice cream. But not just any ice cream, we decide to go to Wendy’s to get a Frosty instead. Close enough. I get hungry and order food as well, our total was $11.62.

Now here is where I get…Confused.

After we paid for the food, and by we I mean me, my sister drives forward towards the next window….then keeps going.

The conversation went like this.

Me: “Yash, where are you going?” Sis: “Oh, I didn’t want to reverse so I’m going around.”

My brain does a little working here and I think, “Oh, well she must have driven a little too far and because she’s weird like that, she’s going to go around.” Luckily, there was no one behind us.

And here is where I realize, she’s not being logical, but absent-minded.

Not only does she proceed to drive around like she said she would, My sister drove towards the EXIT.




Me: “WHERE THE *Censored* ARE YOU GOING????” Sis: “Home” (has the nerve to look at me like ‘Duh’) Me: WHERE’S MY FOOD?! Sis: “What you mean?” Me: “YOU’RE LEAVING WITHOUT MY FOOD!” Sis: “Oh Shit!” *drive around again and back to the window” Me: “F YOU MEAN ‘OH SHIT’” Sis: *hysterically laughing*

Now, you might think she was Joking around, but she was dead serious. She honestly thought we had already picked up the food and was about to drive home and leave my $11.62 behind.

Thinking back on it, it was pretty funny. But I was seething the entire way home while she was laughing. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she was high, and while the temptation to throw her out of the vehicle and beat her with my milkshake in the streets of Austell, Georgia was very strong, I had to remind myself that A) she was my sister, B) I needed her to drive home, and most importantly….I really wanted that Milkshake.

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