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Writer’s Block and Branding

I am stuck AGAIN.

I was actually working on chapter 20 of “A Feral Affair” when I just couldn’t figure out how to get it done. It’s ridiculous considering that I’m already four pages in, and I finished an important part of the chapter (that I have no idea where to place). There’s also the issue of clearing up some unanswered plot elements that I almost forgot about because I’m absent minded like that.

I think I just need a moment to sit down and, well, think and then maybe I can come up with something concrete.

The reason I say that having writer’s block is ridiculous is because I write for a living. I spend hours writing daily as a journalist. I basically pen essays as a source of income, yet I can’t get one measly chapter to come together. It’s driving me insane honestly.

That aside, I’m also working on branding myself better. I used to just throw things together as I went along, but that’s not a good look. I’ve been putting more effort into simple things like even the feature images of my blog posts and I’ve gone ahead and began reworking my facebook page (image wise).

I decided that I will not use any phone pictures on my Instagram either. I want to give it a professional look as much as possible. I do need to work on color schemes though. That is difficult. I have no idea what I’m doing there. Anyways! I also invested in a decent-ish tripod at last!

Meet Othello

I named my tripod. His name is Othello and he is from Oben. He’s a 4-section folding aluminum tripod with a single action ball head. He stands at 57.6 inches max with center column extended and 47. 6 inches without. His minimum height is 7.6 inches and he weights 2.9 pounds and can carry at most 6.6 pounds. I like him a lot so far and the header image was the first photo I took with him.

I won’t change the name of my blog as I had been planning, but I’ve decided to give myself an alias of the sort. “Misse Media” Why did I spell it like that? Because I like how it looks. Why that name? Because it’s basically who I am. I write, I do a little photography, I do a little video editing, I did television, I did radio, done public speaking, basically I am invested in mass media; it’s my calling.

With that being said I also need to work on calming down. I touched on that in my “reflections” piece that I wrote a few days ago. Along with not reacting to certain things, I also have to learn how to handle my online presence. There is only so much you can use the “young and dumb” excuse. I’m not withholding my opinions but I’m toning down the aggression and learning to get my point across without doing the absolute most.

Videos? I’ll get to that later. For now I also I need to get on a schedule that works best for me. I have to balance this and work (did you know it ranks 6th on the top ten stressful jobs?). Most importantly, I need to write better. I can do without using certain words, though I do like the informal and conversational tone of my blogs.

All in all I’m getting my life together. Hope you guys stick around to see how it goes.


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